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Each and every OO is handmade individually, and as a result every pattern is different. We think this is part of the charm, but it also means photos you see of our items are examples of the design only, they will not be the exact pattern you receive. Think of it as a wee surprise!


If you are after something really specific (because you've seen the face of your dead hamster in one of our paint drops or it's vibing with your favourite page in the Rorschach test) please get in touch and we'll do our best.


Wood, wonderful wood! Our discs are made from FSC-certified birch plywood. It's what makes them so light and easy to wear! We get them cut in Glasgow by Flux laser studio (check them out, they are absolutely lovely).

Absolutely sterling: our earrings come with 925 silver stud and scroll backs. The scrolls are made from 100% recycled silver (we hope our wholesaler introduces this for studs soon too!) If silver doesn't agree with you, we also have stainless steel or clip-on backs available on request.



Our OOriginals and the Big O' Brooch have a 4cm diameter.

It's a size that will suit almost anybody, and is big enough to make a statement while still comfy to wear.

But if that is still a wee bit much for you, our Minis are delightfully dainty at 1,5cm diameter.


Scottish weather proof! Every item is varnished, so it's drizzle proof and can withstand even the dreichest of Scottish days, but we don't recommend swimming or showering with them.

Silver is quite a soft metal, so it can sometimes bend. Don't worry when this happens, just gently bend it back into shape. Please take care when you put your OOs on for the first time, as the scroll might still be a bit tight.


We believe in making things last. If you experience any problems with your OOs, we'll do our best to see if we can repair the item for you.


All our items are made to order, so please allow up to 10-15 working days before dispatch. We'll send you a confirmation that your earrings are on their way.

Postage and packaging:

UK Royal Mail - £1.50, 3-5 working days

International* - £4.00

FREE UK shipping on orders over £30,-

* please note your order may be liable for Customs duty and VAT on arrival in your country. We cannot accept responsibility for costs associated with importing our items from international (including EU) locations.

If for some reason you are unhappy with the items received from us, please get in touch within 60 days of receiving the item and we can arrange for a return/refund/exchange. We can only accept returns for undamaged and unused items and you'll have to provide proof it was purchased from us direct (i.e. order number, email confirmation, invoice etc.)

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