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OO Earrings made in Scotland

for the Joy

of Small Things

Find comfort in beauty, as our family is fond of saying. Noticing the little marvels of the world around us, like the speckle on an egg, lichen on a tree, the spray of waves lapping on the shore, can soothe a weary soul. 

OO Earrings started with a simple desire to capture a bit of that beauty and wear it every day. Each pair is a burst of colour and pattern that you can pop on to brighten a grey morning. We're not pretending it's something big or life-changing. Just a wee bit of joy in a little thing.

 Crafted with care 

maker meis
OO Earrings maker

Every OO is unique, no two are ever entirely the same. We paint them by hand using non-toxic, water-based paints. We use mostly recycled materials for shipping and choose packaging that is easy to reuse or recycle.


Our earrings are not fast fashion items; they are made to last so you can wear what you love for years to come. And if they ever do wear out, we're happy to have a go at repairing them if we can!

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