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OO Earrings - Easy to wear statement earrings




A pop of colour that won't break the bank. Get an instant boost and feel ready to go, whether you're dressing up pyjamas

or heading out for a sun-soaked picnic.

 Our favourites 

New finds

& happy accidents

Inspired by organic patterns and the awesome scenery of Scotland, we're always experimenting and stumbling across new designs and colour combinations.

blue background earrings
OO Statement Earrings

Aboot us

Crafted with comfort in mind, OO (oeh as in 'oot') earrings are made with thin wooden discs and non-toxic paints. Each pair is individual and no two patterns are the same.

I love colour and l Iove big statement earrings but I cannot be bothered wearing things that hurt my ears at the end of a day.

OOs let you forget you're wearing them!

Meis, maker
OO Earrings maker

Get your OOs on!

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